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Find Out What A Bunch Of Happy, Smiling, Fulfilled People Are Calling Their Best Free Therapy
Hawaiian Temple Bodywork

Lomi Lomi

Ancient Hawaiian Temple Bodywork

"If my soul was a body in Paradise, this is how it would be treated."
-Mary K. Graney, PhD., R.N., C.N.A. .

  • Experience restful rejuvination of body, mind and spirit.
  • Release tension and stress.
  • Open the heart to clear old patterns and activate the body's own healing abilities.
  • Connect with feelings of well-being through the spiritual and physical journey...
  • Lomi Lomi Ke Ala Hoku, "massage journey to the stars."

The movements in Lomi Lomi Ke Ala Hoku are continuous and fluid, like the gentle waters of Hawai`i. Sacred Oil, the transmitter of Mana (life energy) is used to facilitate this flow. Your relaxing and healing session is enhanced by the music, sounds and colors of Hawai`i. The use of Pule (prayer) and Mele (Hawaiian Chant) allow you to connect to the Sacred...to expand consciousness...into freedom...into love. Most important in this work is the concept of Mehana Aloha, caring and compassionate touch offered through the warmth of unconditional love. 2 or 3 hour sessions are available.

History of Lomi Lomi

In ancient times the Hawaiian shaman (Kahuna) would perform Lomi Lomi as a rite of passage and for the nuturing of babies and children. It is a harmonious blending of movement, bodywork, sacred music, and energized breath... called " dance of angels" and "massage of flight" in the Hawaiian Islands. The Kahunas would train a designated successor over a period of years to be sure of his or her abilities and sincerity in becoming a healer. Spiritual knowledge was necessary to become a truly successful practitioner. It is only fairly recently that the practice of Lomi Lomi has left the Islands...and is being introduced to the rest of the world....I am truly grateful to all my teachers.

What Clients Say About Lomi Lomi

"I would recommend Roberta and the wonderful Lomi Lomi that she has mastered to anyone who wants to have an exhilarating and at the same time, sublimely relaxing experience. I have had massage before, but this is not massage, it is so much more. It is a total mind and body melding that creates an aura of well-being, awareness and a feeling of guided deep meditation, all at one time.

At the end of the session I felt so relaxed that I could barely stand for a moment, yet so awakened and alive that I felt I could take on the world!

Don't miss an opportunity to experience Roberta's gift; it is something that you will wish you had done sooner and be looking forward to many times again."

Robert Albright
Executive Vice President
Lotus Entravision Reps
Miami, Florida

" It was my first time receiving Lomi Lomi...I was nervous, but Roberta created such a safe environment....When she began the Hawaiian chant, I felt at peace. It was the most soothing, nurturing motion all over my  body, like a natural chiropractor.  I was a new person after Lomi Lomi...like I had been swimming in the ocean all day."

Maria R. Pirone, Artist

"My Lomi Lomi session was physically soothing and highly stimulating, emotionally and spiritually.  The exchange of human energy through nurturing touch and healing chants tapped into a part of my existence where I felt unrestrained, comforted, and pure.  It was an exuberant and fulfilling experience!"

Teresa Perez - dance educator/ pilates & gyrotonics instructor

"A session with Roberta is a beautiful gift.  Not only are you transported to "Lomi Lomi land," but you truly feel like the goddess that you are. This is a spiritually cleansing experience."

Rev. Debbie Steinke

"The Lomi Lomi experience was the deepest  bodywork treatment that I've experienced. The initial connection was made at the beginning, when I was asked to set an intention in my life, and it was acknowledged and echoed by Roberta. We then began our journey. The combination of oils, and the direct connection of the body to the table added to the experience. The way I was touched was magical, I felt enveloped by mother earth. There was a gentle touch of hand and fingers along with a great mix of arms and physical energy. I felt completely relaxed and free. I felt transformed after that. I felt lighter and clearer. I was not only massaged, but stretched. I felt as if I was pushed to new levels of responsiveness. I was most impressed by a gentle cradling at the end, that was most needed and will always be remembered. It truly was a life altering experience that should be experienced by all. Roberta has the unique ability to connect to her clients in a deep and wonderful way. It was like a moving prayer. I just loved it!"

Pam Friday, Artist

"Lomi Lomi is a most beautiful practice because it enhances faith in the possibility of manifesting one's most heartfelt desires. The session begins as the facilitator recites a prayer based upon a most cherished dream which the client has shared with the facilitator. As a client of Roberta's I was moved by her ability to listen, absorb and recite from her heart the extent of the dream I envisioned, which in my case was always about healing food allergies. The session is really wonderful. During the gentle massage the body/mind fills with the deep compassion and love that Roberta has for her clients, instilling within the client the sense of self-worth vital to manifesting one's dream."

Sue Willis, Artist, Professor

"I was brought to NY by a friend to receive my first Lomi Lomi session - what a wonderful experience it was to meet Roberta. When I first walked into her studio, I felt a feeling of warmth and safety. I had a little idea what to expect, but was blown away by the experience. Being a massage therapist, I create a soothing environment for my clients - the feeling I had in Roberta’s studio was over the top. I felt nurtured, loved, and supported by her and the work she does. She is truly gifted and it comes across during the whole session. I set an intention in the beginning of the session and felt a healing that stayed with me long after the session was over. There was a point in my session when I felt like I was floating on water and being gently rocked by little waves - it was such a nurturing feeling. I am so grateful when I meet someone who I can refer to my family and friends, Roberta has a gift. Roberta creates a little piece of heaven in a city that can be over stimulating. "

Eileen Haggerty, CMT
New Jersey

" Roberta sends me to Hawaii without a plane, to the truth without a soothsayer, and into dreamland without any sleeping."

David Rock

"My first Lomi Lomi session was such a lovely surprise on many levels. First ,I felt very comfortable with Roberta and how she spoke to me. Also, it was helpful to see this bodywork as a sacred massage experience. It gave me permission to be good to myself. During the session, time stopped. My body and senses were soothed by the oils and transported to Hawaii by the music. All in all, it was a joyful experience.,an experience I have come back to and would recommend highly."

Jennifer A.

"There came a point in my life when I was ready and open to have a profound spiritual experience of the body. A friend described to me what Lomi Lomi is and something within resounded that this modality will serve my journey. "

"Since then I've experienced a number of Lomi Lomi massages with Roberta and every experience is one that connects my body with my soul. I feel exquisitely beautiful as Roberta leads me in this sacred dance. She is a skilled facilitator and a sacred partner. Through her and the gift of Lomi Lomi, I am able to travel to the depths of Being to heal what feels like unnamed ancient wounds. Roberta is always very present, guiding me to where I need to go, knowing the rhythm and balance of how we will get there. And I always feel like we get there together, dancing our way. "

"Lomi Lomi is not only a delightful experience, it is also one that allows me to take a risk, to face my edges. It gives me the opportunity to be vulnerable to myself, and another, and Roberta makes it easy to trust her. She makes me feel safe. I feel like the Beloved. "

"For me, 2 hours is never enough. I always schedule a 3 hour session. It's always difficult to get up from the table as the experience takes me to other dimensions, to places where my heart is opened to the spaciousness of the universe. I feel connected to a much larger experience, to the fullness of Life itself. I leave feeling like a Goddess anointed, ready to experience whatever Life presents in my Path. "

Maryanne Stubbs
Artist, Gardener, Healer

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